Welcome to savevideos website, where we can transfer your family video & picture
memories into the latest digital media.

We can produce slide shows for any occasions, such as:
•        Graduations
•        Memorials
•        Anniversaries
•        Birthdays
•        Baptism
•        Confirmation
•        Births/Adoptions
•        Vacations
•        School Programs/Church Mission Trips/Sports Seasons

We can work with:
Paper/digital pictures & slides, to make custom slide shows.
VHS, video8, hi8 or any other tapes.
Get those old memories off tape, before they fade away any further.
We will transfer your video memories to DVD, so they are preserved forever.
We can output your memories to:
VHS, if still needed.
www.savevideos.com   Ph. 651-343-6200